WATCH: Trailer for Tom DeLonge’s Directorial Debut Film: “Monsters of California”

The film will premiere in theatres October 6th

blink-182’s Tom DeLonge has long been telling us, “Aliens Exist”, and his fascination with alien stories and UFOs isn’t a secret. Now he’s taken his passion to film. DeLonge announced his feature-length directorial debut Monsters of California will premiere in theaters October 6th.

Monsters of California centers around a group of high school friends. One of the main characters whose dad went missing discovers that he was a government agent working on some highly classified research. He and his friends then “embark on a righteous and dangerous adventure to uncover a paranormal conspiracy in Southern California that brings them face-to-face with some of the government’s most guarded mysteries.”

Tom DeLonge also produced the film’s score, and co-wrote its screenplay along with Ian Miller and Ben Kull. Monsters of California stars Richard Kind, Casper Van Dien, Camille Kostek, Richard Kind, and Arianne Zucker. Watch the trailer below!