The Eliminator

There can only be ONE $2,500 prize!
The Eliminator

X1039 and The Law Firm of Anderson and Lopez present: The Eliminator! Listen weekdays on X1039 for the cue to call at 8:40 a.m., 11:40 a.m, 3:40 p.m., and 7:40 p.m. to eliminate a prize from this list. (The list will be updated daily, so be careful!) If you choose a prize that’s already been eliminated, you’re eliminated from the game! Once you’re qualified, come to Mash Mechanix Brewing on February 5th from 1p-3p  to find out who will take home the final prize! Remedy Bath Co. will be on site giving out goody bags! Who will win?? Will it be you? Or will you be ELIMINATED?

*All prizes are valued at $2,500. Actual prize is just $2,500.  FULL RULES HERE.

ELIMINATOR PRIZES:* (HERE’S A PDF VERSION IF YOU WANT TO PRINT TO FOLLOW ALONG. You will need to cross off what has been eliminated.)

  1. Scuba Steve” A trip for one to Cozumel, Mexico for 5 days and 4 nights including 3 days of 2 tank morning boat dives, 2 days of 1 tank afternoon boat dives and unlimited shore dives from Underwater Connection.Uwc Logo 2022 Complete
  2.  “The Amster-DAYUUUUMMM!” 5 day, 4 night trip to Amsterdam with 420 apparel from Kill Your Culture Kyc Logo Banner in Manitou Springs.
  3. “The Karma-Chameleon” A Pygmy Leaf Chameleon lizard, Veiled Chameleon lizard, cages, bugs, accessories, Planet Earth disc set and a Culture Club cd from Scales ‘N Tails.Scales N Tails
  4. “The Healing Waters” Start your day doing the Manitou Incline (we won’t laugh if you can’t make it all the way up….well, maybe not), have lunch at The Keg to celebrate and then do some post holiday shopping in the City of Manitou SpringsManitou Springs Logo 125x83 at any and every store they offer.
  5. “Throwin’ Shade and Gettin’ Paid”  Full professional window tinting for your vehicle and new car audio/video system PLUS $500 spending cash from Tint World in Colorado Springs. Tw Logo License Plate Size 2
  6. “Yeti to Party?”  Star as the next Yeti to Attack Anderson and Lopez Anderson Lopez Logo Large Black And WhiteTV commercial. *BONUS* Automatic callback for their next “Zombie Apocalypse” commercial.
  7. “The Mash Party” – Get a beer brewed in your name and you get all the proceeds sold of your beer courtesy of Mash Mechanix Brewing Company. Logotype Stacked Bw
  8. “You Must Be Trippin’!” Get a new set of tires and oil change to go road trippin’ around Colorado. Includes a side of deep fried mushrooms for your roadie snack. Courtesy of H&H Tire.Hh Tire
  9. “The Peanut Gallery” New home theater system, 4 seasons of Yellowstone and a bag of nuts.
  10. “The Salty Bitch” Saltwater aquarium plus tropical fish.
  11. “You Can’t Stop Here! This Is Bat Country!” Airfare, hotel and cash to blow in Las Vegas. *Adele Vegas tour tickets not included, those are out of our price range.*
  12. “Hot Enough to Kill the Germs” Be the envy of all your friends and family – relax, entertain and enjoy in a brand new hot tub.
  13. “Hey Mon” 4 nights at Sandals Montego Bay plus airfare.
  14. “The proof is in the pudding” $2,500 worth of pudding….don’t worry, we won’t ask. Your secret is safe with us.
  15. “No, I won’t take you to your girlfriend’s house” Your kid’s first car.
  16. “Cyclepath” Peloton Bike package: bike, bike shoes and bike weights and nothing else but you and the open trails.
  17. “The Crazy Cat Lady” 10 cats, cat wheel, self cleaning litter box, cat food for a year and cat tree house.
  18. “ You’re gonna need a bigger boat” Large group shark cage diving at the Denver Aquarium. Dinner for a large group, tickets to the aquarium and shopping spree at the gift shop.
  19. “Everything Whale Be Alright” 7 nights in a full view suite for you and a guest on an Alaskan Whale Watching Cruise in the Royal Caribbean traveling between multi glaciers. No, you won’t sink like the Titanic (well, at least we don’t think so.)
  20. Snap My Pictuh” $2,500 in professional photography gear to get you started on your next business venture.
  21. “Get Lucky” $2,500 in Colorado Lottery Scratch Tickets! Who knows? You could make your money go far!
  22. “Extremely Colorado” The Ultimate Colorado Adventure with a trip for 2 to Vail, Colorado for 2 days of ziplining, hiking, skiing, local culture and dining *Snow not included.*
  23. “Hate the game, not the player” Xbox Series X and a PS5, games to go with it and priceless, precious time away from having to deal with real people.
  24. “Life is Ruff” Adopt a dog from a local shelter or rescue: includes dog toys, dog food, dog bowls, training, dog house, dog food for a year and a carpet cleaner.
  25. “Keep the change, ya filthy animal” The adults get a hotel for a night and leave the kids home alone with a new backyard trampoline, gas firepit, cornhole games, a new barbeque, fireworks, knife set, rope set, lighter set, a set of horseshoes, a large pizza and a whole list of ideas to keep them occupied.
  26. “Rocky Mountain High” Get your fair share of local coffee, Monster Energy Drinks and yeah…enough of that other stuff Colorado legalized.
  27. “Cool Bee Beard Bro” 1 round trip flight for 2 to Ontario Canada, hotel stay for 2 nights, food and visit to “Backed by Bees” to put 20,000 bees on your face. Use the leftover cash for ointment to help with your bee stings.
  28. “Pay it Forward” Donate the money to a charity of your choice.
  29. “Chase Your Dreams” We’ll give you $2,500 to promote your business locally. Commercial ads, digital ads, retargeting ads, SEO and SEM, oh my! *on X1039 only, of course.*
  30. “I’m Popular! I Swear!” Get $2,500 dollars to buy followers on your social media accounts.
  31. “Don’t get your a$$ off the couch” Gift cards equaling $2,500 to Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub and Postmates.
  32. “Dad Bod” Throw a party and watch the Superbowl with all your dad friends. Score a new flat screen TV, beer, wings and well….what else does a man need? *Yeah, we know…but that’s not not included here* Sorry.
  33. “Do the Truffle Shuffle” Shopping spree to a random candy store somewhere.
  34. “Roll Down the Windows, I have Gas” $2,500 in gas money. That should get you through a couple weeks…
  35. “School’s in Session” Use $2,500 toward paying for classes at the local community college.
  36. “The Prepper” Use $2,500 to prepare for the Apocalypse. Buy canned goods, non-perishables, an underground bunker and a sick weapon to kill zombies with (You totally got this!)
  37. “Not Today, Satan” Get a home security system. Ain’t nobody getting into your house today!
  38. “Definitely Today, Satan” 3 nights in Vegas and a RIP visit to Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum plus spending cash for the slots…if you make it out of the museum…
  39. “DI- Y, tho?” Doing it yourself is too difficult. Just pay somebody else to do it! Get $2,500 dollars in home repairs.
  40. “Green Thumb” The plant lover’s dream! Use $2,000 on seeds and plants for your existing or new garden adventures and get yourself a cute baby goat to go along with it.
  41. “No worries, I got your back” Professional head to toe massage with moisturizing lavender body oil mist, plus a scalp massage once a month for a year.
  42. “The Family Reunion” Airfare and car rental for a weekend to visit family you’ve been avoiding for the last couple of years and spending cash…and hotel stay on standby included because ya know, ya never know, you may need it…yeah, you’re gonna need it.
  43. “Make it Rain” – $2,500 in single dollar bills.
  44. “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere” Happy hour party for up to 50 people, starting at 4 O’Clock.
  45. “Build-A-Music-Collection” Go get yourself a hundred vinyl records from a local music store and invite your friends over and they can’t leave until they listen to every single song on every single album.
  46. “Throw Momma from the Train” Take your momma on scenic train rides in Colorado. Includes the Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad, Georgetown Loop Railroad, Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, The Broadmoor, Manitou and Cog Railway, Royal Gorge Route Railroad, Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad and Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad.
  47. “Throw Momma from the Plane” Skydiving trip for 2. Then celebrate with lunch and drinks….if you make it.
  48. “Hang with Jocks” – No, not Howard Stern. Or Brett Favre, but your very own X1039 jocks! Co-host the morning show on-air with Crowley, head off to lunch with Shawn, get a mani and pedi with Summer Justice, grab dinner with Cate and then everyone joins together for a ping pong tournament at the end of the night. Winner scores $500 cash.
  49. “Scratch that” Test your luck with $2,500 in scratch tickets.
  50. “Marriage is a 3 ring circus…” Get married right here, live on-air, in the X1039 studios. We’ll provide everything you need to get hitched, bring in a live band to perform and we’ll even do the officiatin’ for ya.
  51. “Happiest Place on Earth?” Take the kids (or leave the kids, we don’t care) but we’re hooking you up with 4 tickets to Walt Disney World, includes hotel accommodations, humidity and the high chance to see a screamin’ cryin’ kid that hopefully ain’t yours.
  52. “Single White Female” Get your pic, dating profile and phone number plastered on the Times Square jumbotron for a day (This is it, your happily ever after! *Fingers crossed*)
  53. “Stash it” Open a savings account and save it for a rainy day. Boring but responsible.
  54. “Breaking Bad” Quit your job. Invest in a rusty ole’ RV and turn to a life of manufacturing and selling…that great invention you’ve always thought about and make it happen! We’ll give you $2,500 bucks to get your idea registered and trademarked and off the ground.
  55. “Skip the Lines” Forget wasting time in lines for movies, tickets, the latest gadget, whatever. The average American spends 2 to 5 years in line. Pay a line waiter around $25 per hour. You could opt out of 200 hours of line waiting with this kind of cash!
  56. “Let it Ride” We’ll drive you up to Cripple Creek where you’ll make one bet for $2,500 on red and see what happens.
  57. “The Rainforest” $2,500 gift card to Amazon.
  58. “Do the right thing” Give $2,500 to us!
  59. “Where’s the beef?” The cost of meat is high. Get the whole cow and 12 gallons of milk.
  60. “Why buy the cow?” 5-$500 grocery store gift cards so you can buy 500 pounds of chicken to stock your fridge for a verrry long time .
  61. “Went grocery shopping hungry and now I own Aisle 4” $200/month in groceries for a year.
  62. “The Debtty Downer” We’ll pay off your credit card.
  63. “You got a light?” $200/mo towards your utility bill for a year.
  64. “It’s all about the Benjamins” You get 25 crisp $100 bills.
  65. “The Copperhead” You get 250,000 pennies.
  66. “The Man Hater” Score yourself a she-shed and a copy of the Break Up, starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston.
  67. “The Griswolds” Invite the family and Cousin Eddie over for dinner. We’ll supply the food, service and clean up and have a professional take down your Christmas lights while you reminisce about Aunt Edna.
  68.  “Witch, Please!” You and your best witch will travel on your brooms to Salem, Massachusetts for the Salem Witches Halloween Ball and Festival of the Dead in October 2022.
  69. Deliverance” A banjo, bow & arrow, and a fishing trip on the Arkansas.
  70. “Sleepless in Seattle” A trip for 2 to Seattle. You’ll stay at the Marco Polo Motel where Kurt Cobain used to stay (room 226). Just minutes from downtown Seattle. Rent a car and take the full “Grunge tour” while enjoying the beauty of Seattle.
  71. “Hollywood Nights” Trip for two to Los Angeles for a two night stay in the One Bedroom Over the Strip apartment via Air BnB. A true Rock n Roll experience as you sleep right above the infamous Rainbow Bar & Grill. (not responsible for the two day hangover you’ll experience.)
  72. “Dolla’ Dolla’ Bills, Ya’ll” Shop till your heart’s content with 2,000 items at the Dollar Store. (Would’ve been 2,500 items but Dollar Store increased their prices to $1.25 so, go figure. We all got screwed.)
  73. “Pimp My Ride” Get your ride fixed with a local, trustworthy mechanic.
  74. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Get yourself some therapy! (You are kind, you are smart, you are important.)
  75. “Bond. James Bond” Bail a friend or yourself out of jail.
  76. “The House Cleaner” Get a professional to do the job for you.
  77. “The Subscription” We’ll pay for your Netflix, HBO Max, Showtime, Hulu and Disney Plus subscriptions for a year. We’ll even let you share your login with your friends so everyone wins on this one.
  78. “The Bullseye” $2500 shopping spree at Target.
  79. “Batsh!t Crazy” Visit North America’s largest bat colony in Bracken Cave, Texas. You’re welcome.
  80. “Troll Along” Visit the world’s largest troll doll collection in Alliance, Ohio.
  81. “I’d tap that” Keg of beer a month for an entire year. That’s right…delivered right in your living room.
  82. “H.Pee. Lovecraft” – a trip to Providence, Rhode Island to visit H.P. Lovecraft’s cemetery plot, and also a forty in case they want to drink it and then leave a liquid blessing on this racist’s grave.
  83. “I’m just a musical prostitute” Sell your soul (or just pay) for a professional recording of your music.
  84. “Home on the Range” Brand new gas range with hood.
  85. “Shipping off to Dublin” 3-night stay for 2 to Dublin, Ireland.
  86. “The BEAR Necessities” The Ultimate Camping Gear package: Cots, tent, sleeping bags, camping stove, cooler full of beer, all the s’mores fixings and oh yeah, bear mace.
  87. “Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow” A brand new washer/dryer set.
  88. “Basic Bitch Shopping Spree” $500 Starbucks giftcard to give you the energy you’ll need to spend your $2,000 giftcard at Target.
  89. “Workin’ 9 to 5” We’ll pay you $312.50 an hour to come in and clean our studios for 8 hours. Thank you in advance.
  90. “Hall of Shame” Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH, plus all 10 seasons of Shameless on DVD.
  91. “But did ya score?” For every concert we score tickets to in 2022, so do you!
  92. “The Millennial” Smart TV, PS5, ipad, instant photo printer for selfies, Ninja Air Fryer Max XL, Roomba, a mini money tree plant and a foldable laptop stand that’ll make watching tv, drinking a morning espresso, eating snacks and yes, even working…infinitely cozier from bed.
  93. “DIY Musician in a box” A full package to get started as a musician to include a guitar, recording equipment, keyboard, microphone, cables, and a how-to-guide.
  94. “Spy Thy Neighbor” A drone to fill your remote-controlled childhood needs, or to spy on your neighbors. Either way, we’re not askin’….
  95. “The Shining” An axe, an expensive bottle of rum (red) and a 4-night stay at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park to include the haunted tour, and ghost hunting equipment.
  96. “TikTok Star” a new phone to record yourself, and all of the bells and whistles needed to become the next big content maker.
  97. “Spa-lunking” You won’t need professional equipment or skills for this all-day spa adventure for two! 1 night stay in a hotel to include massages, facials, mani and pedi, dinner and a cheap wine.
  98. “Oh look, frost!” A full snowboarding package including all brand new equipment and lift passes.
  99. “X1039” Made Me Rich!” An advertising schedule and live two-hour broadcast for your business *All X1039 celebrities included at live broadcast.*
  100. “Just Do It…Later” I’m too lazy to look at this list, just give me the f*n $2,500 cash and I’ll decide what to do with it later when I feel like it
  101. “Spill the NFT” $2,500 in X1039 NFTs…once we figure out what an NFT is…
  102. “The Biggest Cross-Country Tour Ever” Gas and hotel stays are included in this BIG package. A mapped out cross-country tour of the world’s largest roadside attractions. See the country’s Largest ball of twine, or take a gander at the nation’s most gigantic mailbox.
  103. “I Drink and I Know Things” – Two year-long “Wine of the Month Club memberships” for you and your bestie to drink together and gossip about all of your friends. 

Thanks to our sponsors: The Law Firm of Anderson and Lopez, Kill Your Culture, H&H Tire, City of Manitou Springs, Mash Mechanix, Scales N’ Tails, Tint World,  and Underwater Connection.

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