South Park Creators Announce New Executive Chef of Casa Bonita

The Award-winning chef has other successful restaurants in Denver and will soon open her third.

Colorado-grown South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker purchased Casa Bonita, Lakewood’s iconic, kitschy, so-bad-it’s-good Mexican restaurant for $300 Million on November 16, after a judge gave the go-ahead.

The Denver gem was forever etched in history in a seventh-season episode of the show, with Cartman crashing Kyle’s birthday party at the “Disneyland of Mexican restaurants,” going on a whirlwind, sopapilla-filled bender before plunging off the waterfall.

Until now, we haven’t really known their plans. The motto is, “Don’t change anything, just make it better,” or something like that. They announced a new award-winning Executive Chef who already has a couple of successful Denver restaurants, and she’s getting ready to open her third.

Her story comes full circle, as 25 years ago she applied at Casa Bonita as a dishwasher but didn’t get the gig.  Dana Rodriguez said in a recent interview, “They never reached back. When they didn’t hire me, I remember saying, ‘I can make better fucking enchiladas than this!’ ”

And they will be! Rodriguez said the improved enchiladas will have homemade sauce and handmade tortillas. MMM…Can’t wait to try them!