Rage Against The Machine’s Cancelled Tour Updates

Rage Against the Machine was had a whole reunion tour scheduled for 2023, until lead vocalist Zack De La Rocha suffered a severe tear in his Achilles tendon that caused the cancellation of the rest of this year’s dates. Last year he stated, “It’s not simply a question of being able to perform again, but extends to basic functionality going forward.”

De La Rocha spent the rest of the tour that the band completed seated, but still brought a compelling powerful performance to shows that guitarist Tom Morello commented on, saying “the crowds were feral.”

No dates have been rescheduled and there seem to be more complications than initially expected for the tour to ever finish. Good news: Morello was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone, giving long-awaited updates on when fans could expect to see RATM live.

The bad news? There is no news. Morello has been focusing on writing songs with his 11-year-old son since the cancellation of the tour, as well as campaigning to get Rage in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The band has now been nominated five times to be admitted to the Hall of Fame, and Morello believes the band deserves to get in. He’s been continuing his political activism, as well.

Morello leaves us on a hopeful note though. The band has not announced an official hiatus, but Morello states “If there is to be any more shows, we will announce it as a band. I don’t know. I know as much as you do, honestly. Right now we’re in a time of healing. I’m in a time of making music and doing a bunch of stuff.”

Watch the band perform a full set from July of 2022: