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Here's some new music to check out for Friday, March 5.

The Band Camino- “1 Last Cigarette” 

The Band Camino released their new single “1 Last Cigarette” this weekThe Nashville-based group was formed in 2015 and has released multiple EPs before signing to Elektra in 2019. Stream it here.

girl in red- “Serotonin” 

girl in red released a brand new single today called “Serotonin” from her debut album, If I Could Make It Go Quiet, out April 30th via MARIE ULVEN/AWAL RECORDINGS. It’s co-produced by girl in red, Matias Tellez, and Finneas. girl in red said about “Serotonin”: “I cannot express how honest it is. Music for me has never really been very cathartic: it’s just something I need to do because it feels so good… I write songs to get dopamine, to feel happy, and to feel entertained. That’s the only time I feel truly excited to be alive, when I make music that just excites me so much that I just want to punch into a wall. When I figured out how to do this rappy part of ‘Serotonin,’ I was like, this is the best shit that has ever happened to me! And getting that cool synth to sound like that, really, just the entire thing — it’s been very great for me.”

St. Vincent- “Pay Your War In Pain”

St. Vincent delivered “Pay Your Way In Pain” this week via LOMA VISTA/CONCORD. It’s the intro track from her forthcoming sixth album, Daddys Home, out May 14th. She produced the album with Jack Antonoff. St. Vincent said, “Daddys Home collects stories of being down and out in downtown NYC.  Last night’s heels on the morning train. Glamour that’s been up for three days straight.”

Dreamers- “Palm Reader (ft. Big Boi & Upsahl)

Dreamers released a brand new song “Palm Reader” featuring Big Boi & UPSAHL. This song release comes with the release of their full Palm Reader EP which features songs they’ve released over the past year including “Heat Seeker” with Grandson, “Teddy Bear”,“Still Not Dead” with American Teeth and Wes Period, and “True Crime” featuring DeathByRomy. Stream it here.

New Album Releases- Friday, March 5

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