NEW MUSIC: Listen to girl in red’s brand new song “Serotonin”

girl in red released a brand new single today called “Serotonin” from her debut album, If I Could Make It Go Quiet, out April 30th via MARIE ULVEN/AWAL RECORDINGS. It’s co-produced by girl in red, Matias Tellez, and Finneas.

girl in red said about “Serotonin”: “I cannot express how honest it is. Music for me has never really been very cathartic: it’s just something I need to do because it feels so good… I write songs to get dopamine, to feel happy, and to feel entertained. That’s the only time I feel truly excited to be alive, when I make music that just excites me so much that I just want to punch into a wall. When I figured out how to do this rappy part of ‘Serotonin,’ I was like, this is the best shit that has ever happened to me! And getting that cool synth to sound like that, really, just the entire thing — it’s been very great for me.”

Listen here: