Mark Cuban wants to turn a Ghost Town he bought in Texas into Jurassic Park

Cuban recently appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show, and basically talked about his OWN Schitts Creek.

Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank cast member Mark Cuban revealed to Drew Barrymore that he hopes to turn Mustang, Texas into Dinosaur, Texas. “WAIT! You have a small town now, are you the Mayor? Are you the Sheriff?” Asks Barrymore in the TikTok clip posted online. Cuban purchased the 77-acre Mustang, Texas after his friend revealed he was dying from cancer and it was his only asset. Cuban offered to buy it to help the man’s family. Mustang, Texas is just south of Dallas.

Mark Cuban revealed that he might team up with someone he struck a deal with on Shark Tank, Dino Don who makes realistic animatronic dinosaurs. He’s even been consulted by those involved in creating Jurassic Park. He’s also been on many dino digs. Cuban said they’d fill the town huge Jurassic Park-like animatronic figures everywhere, but the logistics haven’t even begun to be planned. How fun if it did happen! Would you visit Dinosaur, Texas?

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