Local homeless Colorado Springs man gets gifted a food truck

The Dream Machine posted a now-viral video on TikTok and the rest is history.

I’ve been seeing this huge bus around town with the word, “Dream Machine,” slapped on the side of it. It’s colorful, and has people’s hand-written dreams on it. I had no idea that the person inside was doing such great things.

A man named Tony Rojas has been living in his van for 18 months with his wife after losing his job due to the pandemic. Tony is a former chef, and one day in a Wal-Mart parking lot, Charlie Rocket stumbled upon Rojas and heard his story. Turns out, Rocket makes people’s dreams come true. He runs a foundation called the “Dream Machine” and shared Rojas’s story on TikTok. The story has reached over 45 Million views. They took Tony to get his hair done, and shopping for clothes. Tony was also gifted a $40,000 food truck on Sunday, AND made $50,000 on his first day of business. See it all below!

@charlie This homeless man has no idea his entire life is about to change in 24 hours…🥺❤️ #fypp #kindness #homeless #foru ♬ IMPERIAL PIANO – Treia Music

@charlie He looks so much happier…🥺❤️ We surprised him w/ a haircut to get ready for his big day tomorrow! 😢 #fypp #kindness #homeless #foru ♬ Inspiration – WavebeatsMusic

@charlie This homeless man has no idea he’s about to make $50,000 in 24 hours…❤️🥺 #fypp #kindness #homeless #foryou ♬ Keep You Safe – Lindsey Ray