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Check out new music that came out this week from Dylan Cartlidge, Imagine Dragons, Grouplove, and more!


Dylan Cartlidge- “Anything Could Happen”

Dylan Cartlidge has a new single “Anything Could Happen” from his forthcoming album via Glassnote. Dylan Cartlidge said, “Anything Could Happen is a song that I wrote in the third UK COVID-19 lockdown. Like everyone else, I was fed up with not seeing my loved ones and hadn’t left the house at all for 7 months due to my rubbish lungs. I was at a loose end, struggling with my PTSD and had no idea how I was going to finish my album. So I decided to focus on my mantra, ‘Hope Above Adversity’; the sole reason I embarked on my music career in the first place. I went back to basics and reminded myself that with a bit of hope and courage to put one foot in front of the other, anything really could happen- including finishing my album! I wrote the song as a reminder to me and anyone else who might be struggling in the face of adversity and hardship that the bad days don’t last forever and if you look hard enough, there is always hope to hold onto. With COVID vaccines being rolled out and cases falling again, I hope that this single can mark the beginning of the end of what has been such an uncertain and testing time for everyone.”

Cannons- “Bad Dream”

Cannons released a new song “Bad Dream” this week via Columbia Records. This is their first offering of new music since signing to Columbia and will be featured on their forthcoming project due later this year. Cannons said: “We’re excited to share our new single ‘Bad Dream’ and hope you find yourself connecting to it as much as we have been during this time of such uncertainty in the world.”

Imagine Dragons- “Follow You” 

Imagine Dragons returned with two songs, “Follow You” and “cutthroat,” from their upcoming fifth album. “Follow You” is the official first single from Interscope.  Lead singer Dan Reynolds indicated he wrote the track during a turning point in his marriage. He was on his way to sign divorce papers when he received a text from his wife so full of clarity that it shook him to his core. The couple postponed their split for the next week – and then forever. “It took walking away from everything to find a lot more clarity and happiness,” said Reynolds.

Grouplove- “Deadline” 

Grouplove released their newest song “Deadline” this week. The new music arrived with a surprise announcement of their fifth album, This Is This, which was released today. “We hope this album gives people the permission to fucking scream or headbang or punch walls,” said Grouplove, who relocated from L.A. to Atlanta in late 2020. “It’s important to stay emotional. The whole rainbow is important. If we just live in the light blues, are we really alive? I’m not. I need to feel it all.”

The Wrecks- “I Want My Life Back Now”

The Wrecks released their brand new song “I Want My Life Back Now” via Big Noise. Stream it here.

Shaed- “Part Time Psycho (ft. Two Feet) 

Shaed “Part Time Psycho” featuring Two Feet is the follow up single to “Thunder” from their upcoming debut full-length album, IHigh Dive, out May 14th. Shaed said, “This song was inspired by the insane emotional rollercoaster we rode over the past year. At points we felt chest crushing pressure, intense joy, untraceable anxiety and moments of relief as the state of the world was in flux. We know we were not alone in these feelings. As the world around us begins to heal, we want to increase transparency about the road we walked together. To do this, we are teaming with Teen Line to raise funds from Part Time Psycho.” Teen Line focuses on teen mental health and awareness, offering support and resources. Find out more info here.

Twin XL- “Slow Heart”

Twin XL have a brand new single “Slow Heart” out today via The Orchard. Twin XL’s Cameron Walker-Wright said, “‘Slow Heart’ is about the internal dialogue between your head and your heart and the idea that it’s impossible to love if you are unable to love yourself. The spilling all my biggest regrets out on the table and owning up to my worst mistakes. I’ve never felt totally secure in my own skin and I have a habit of letting my emotions and insecurities get the best of me. The chorus is filled with desperation, melodically drawing inspiration from bands like The Cure. I want people to be able to feel my desire for love not only from others but also for myself. I want someone to figure out what’s wrong with my heart and make it work better.”

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