5 Things That Happened In Music This Week | January 29, 2021

Get caught up on what happened this week in the music world.

1) Hayley Williams let a superfan “leak” her new song by hand-delivering her a CD

On Thursday night, a new Hayley Williams song was released after she hand-delivered a CD containing her newest song “My Limb” to a superfan and gave her permission to “leak” it online.

HayleyWilliams.com also now redirects to a page called “Flowers For Vases” which fans think could be the name of the next album.

2) carolesdaughter did her first radio interview this week with RXP

carolesdaughter is currently seeing huge success with her latest single “Violent”, so we caught up with her over Zoom to talk all about it! Watch her first ever radio interview here:

3) The Flaming Lips played a show in OKC where everyone was inside their own bubble 
The Flaming Lips played a “space bubble” concert last weekend in Oklahoma City.The audience and the band all had their own bubbles where they could watch the band while social distancing.The bubbles are inspired by the plastic spheres that Wayne Coyne uses to surf across the crowds in past concerts.
4) The Killers released a brand new song “C’est La Vie” 
The Killers released a deluxe version of their latest album Imploding The Mirage which includes a brand new song called “C’est La Vie.”
5) Dreamers released acoustic version of “True Crime”
Here’s a brand new, stripped down version of Dreamers’ latest single “True Crime.”

Their next live stream is coming up March 3 from The Roxy Theater in LA. Tickets here: https://nocapshows.com/artist?name=dreamers