5 New Songs Released This Week You Should Hear | 103.9’s Fresh Friday

Check out new music today from Twenty One Pilots, Alice Merton, Tessa Violet, and more!

Twenty One Pilots- Shy Away

Twenty One Pilots dropped their new single “Shy Away” on Wednesday from their forthcoming album, Scaled And Icy, due on May 21st, via Elektra. They also announced their first-ever global streaming event, “Twenty One Pilots – Livestream Experience,” which is scheduled to broadcast worldwide on Friday, May 21st at 6p (MT). Tyler Joseph explained that he created the song for his younger brother, after he asked him how to go about writing and producing a record. “I just thought, OK, let me start from scratch,” he recalled. “And I came up with the beginnings of the song almost as a tutorial for him, on how to how to lay out a song.” As he continued to work on the track, Tyler’s lyrics became a letter of advice to his brother. “The only thing tougher than trying to figure out what your own purpose is, is watching someone whom you love trying to figure out their purpose. So that’s what the song is – trying to just give that person that boost of encouragement and pushing them forward.” Stream it here.

Alice Merton- “Vertigo”

Alice Merton is back with her new single “Vertigo” via MOM + POP. She describes the long road from uncertainty back to self-confidence on “Vertigo.” She says, “Why can’t I just let it go?” Stream it here.

Tessa Violet & lovelytheband- “Games”

Tessa Violet has collaborated with lovelytheband on the single “Games” out via The Orchard with a music video coming soon. Tessa had this to say about the song: “Being cheated on is crazy making. You’re suspicious but then your suspicion is dismissed, and you start to question your own sense of reality. Games for me is about the tension of suspecting something is up, but being paralyzed to call someone out.” Stream it here.

half alive- “What’s Wrong”

half alive return with their new single “What’s Wrong” along with dance-heavy new music video with the trio dressed in tuxedos via RCA. Lead singer JOSH TAYLOR said, “There is a really funny story with how the hook of the chorus ‘Time’s always right to fix What’s Wrong’ came to be. It randomly enough was actually a misquote from a conversation between OLIVIA WILDE & one of our creative directors JORDAN, from JA COLLECTIVE, who also happens to be my roommate.” Stream it here.

AREA21- “La La La”

Area21 released their single  and video for “La La La” via Hollywood with alien travelers beaming up unhappy people into their spaceship for an impromptu intergalactic party, using music to unite and uplift their mood. The end of the video sees them accidentally crashing the spaceship on planet Earth. AREA21 is DUTCH DJ/record producer Martin Garrix and Detroit record producer Maejor. Stream it here.

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