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FREAKY FRIDAY: Tunnel Vision

One of the best parts about living in Colorado is how much adventure it holds! Today for Freaky Friday though, we're looking at a place you CAN'T go adventure in. Have you heard of the missile silos we have in…

FREAKY FRIDAY: You Take My Breath Away

This is as freaky as it gets, man. Somebody collected a bag of Billie Eilish's air and tried selling it on the internet for a chunk of change. It has mysteriously disappeared, so maybe somebody bought it?? That's creepy!! Check…


Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett, Pat Smear and Rami Jaffee will come together with the Hawkins family to celebrate the life, music and love of their husband, father, brother and bandmate with The Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts. As one…

Pixar Putt is Coming to Denver!

To Denver, and beyond! Pixar Putt is coming to Denver! This looks AWESOME. A bunch of familiar faces and characters will be featured in this pop up at Denver McGregor Square. Check out the details below:   View this post…

FREAKY FRIDAY: Seeing Double

What if there were two of you, but you weren't family? You never even met this person, but they look exactly like you! Scientists have been studying "doppelgangers" and there are some freaky facts about your double! Check out the…


My Chemical Romance will be joined by Taking Back Sunday! Win tickets at My Chemical Bingo!

Freaky Friday: Yellowstone Scare

This is a WILD story out of Yellowstone National Park! An employee at Yellowstone found half a foot...still in a shoe...floating in Abyss Pool. This is still an ongoing investigation. Officers are trying to figure out what happened. To read…

Memorable Performances From Woodstock '94

All the buzz right now is the TRAINWRECK that was Woodstock '99. What about the greatness and not so greatness of Woodstock '94? This weekend is the anniversary of Woodstock '94 so we'll celebrate it on X1039's Sunday Service. Wake…


A Dermatologist got busted pouring drain cleaner into her husband's morning drink! He fell ill suddenly and wondered if his wife was up to no good. He set up a camera and caught her in the act! Take a look…

FREAKY FRIDAY: Mysterious Holes on the Sea Floor

One of the least explored places happens to be ON our planet. We know little about our deep oceans and sea floors., What could be down there? Scientists are really beginning to wonder because they're seeing strange patterned holes in…

Two @ 2 with Aubrey

Every day at 2pm Aubrey will play back to back artists or bands. Dreamers is your Two @ 2 today! Check out the songs below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSJefGPT288 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9G9D9noRuqw

FREAKY FRIDAY: Spiders from the DEAD

Kicking off this week's Freaky Friday is a story about creepy crawlies. Spider man isn't the only spider doing scientific things! Check out this creepy experiment scientist are doing with dead spiders.


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Billie Eilish Wax Figure Revealed!

Check out this Billie Eilish wax figure at the Hollywood Wax Museum! What are your thoughts? Do you think it looks like her? Take a peek below! New Billie Eilish wax figure at the Hollywood Wax Museum. pic.twitter.com/6n5BmcNvVx — Pop…

Have a Laugh with Jack Black

Whenever I need a pick me up, I always turn to this video! Jack Black's Sax o Boom solo gives me LIFE!! - Aubrey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLmCJKT5ssw

American Artistic Swimmer Saved By Her Coach

Talk about looking out for one another! American Swimmer Anita Alverez fainted in the pool while competing in the World Championships. Her coach Andrea Fuentes jumped to her aid! Thankfully, Alverez is okay! Check out the photo below.

Stay a Night in the Mystery Machine!

I grew up watching Scooby Doo and this is the COOLEST AirBnB ever! You can experience what it feels to be part of the gang and spend a night in the Mystery Machine. Matthew Lillard, AKA "Shaggy," has your hook…

Mix It Up

Aren't Mondays the worst? Mix It Up with X1039 and The Carter Payne! Listen all day Mondays for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate to The Carter Payne! 

Local Food Truck That Sells...Concert Tickets???

Food trucks are one of my favorite places to get food! There is one food truck that's taking it to the next level though. You might've seen this truck around concert venues like Red Rocks and the Fillmore. They sell…

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