Cool Colorado- Vampires in Colorado?!

Have you visited the vampire grave?

I am always down to hear a local legend and this one is WILD! This local legend comes out of Lafayette Colorado. There is a cemetery in Lafayette with a very interesting headstone. It seems like it’s thousands of miles away from where it should be! This head stone reads “Theodore Glava, born in Transylvania.”

Legend says Mr. Glava’s grave was unearthed by locals and they saw blood around his mouth and his teeth were huge! To make sure he stayed in the ground, they drove a wooden stake through his heart and buried him again. It’s rumored that the tree growing above his grave grew from the stake in his heart.

If you want to learn more about our local vampire legend, click the “Cool Colorado” photo below! If you decide to visit the grave site, do so respectfully. I’d go during the day too. Vampires love wake up and vibe in the night! – Aubrey

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