Cool Colorado- San Juan Mountains

Whales in Colorado??

Every state has a strange creature that is local to their lands. We’ve heard of West Virginia’s Moth Man or New Jersey’s Devil. These creatures actually look creepy and their stories are spooky. I did some digging and it turns out Colorado has a legendary creature too!

Our creature happens to be a whale called the “Slide-Rock Bolter.”  The stories of this creature are even funnier!

Legend goes that this whale lives at the highest mountain peaks where the angle of the slopes are 45 degrees or greater. The whale waits on unsuspecting hikers, lifts its tail, and comes careening down the slope to gobble up said hikers.

If you want to read more about this silly whale, click the photo below. We already have to worry about bears and mountain lions, but now whales?! Come on!! – Aubrey

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