Travis Barker Speaks Out About Accident with School Bus

On Friday the 13th of all days, Travis Barker was involved in a “Really bad” accident involving a school bus in Calabasas, CA. He was making a left turn, and the bus which was also making a turn, ran a red light and hit him. There were no children on the bus, and Travis’ 14-year-old son and other passengers were in his vehicle. Travis finally spoke out about the accident telling E! News:

“Yesterday, I was in a really bad car accident but I came out unscathed, which is pretty awesome. My car is totaled but I pretty much walked away OK, which is awesome. A school bus ran a red light. It was insane. I have a really big 4×4 G-Wagon and if I wasn’t in that, it might have been different but it held up pretty well.”

Barker seems to have just hit a patch of bad luck, with the recent announcement of blood clots in his arms, and his recovery from that. Someone throw some good juju his way!