Travis Barker Reveals ‘Medical Malpractice’ at Fault for Health Problems

It’s no secret that Travis Barker has suffered from medical issues this year, causing Blink-182 to postpone its Las Vegas residency as well as cancel a number of US tour dates. According to TMZ, Barker says he believes medical malpractice is the cause for his ongoing health issues, and he has filed a lawsuit against the medical center he believes is responsible.

In June, Barker was to undergo a routine MRI after being diagnosed with blood clots in his arms. The Blink-182 drummer says that he was to be sedated before the procedure, but technicians weren’t able to find a vein, and stuck him at least 40 times in the arm with a dirty needle. Barker alleges that these actions caused nerve damage, a staph infection and ultimately hospitalization.

Barker is also suing the bus company and driver who crashed into his SUV in July, due to injuries he sustained.