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I’ve been crying to the new Pale Waves album Who Am I? alllll weekend, no surprise. I really freaked out when I heard their song “Tomorrow” because the first word that Heather says in that song is Emily!!! I figured it’d be fitting to play for my last Solid @ 7 here on RXP so here you go! Thank you to everyone who’s listened to me over the past couple of years. I’m just moving right across the hall though. My socials haven’t changed if you already follow me. Hit me up @emilynixx943 on Twitter and Instagram!

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Solid @ 7 With Emily - 2/15/21

I can't stop jamming out to the new Dayglow! Such a rad fun song, I'm obsessed. This is actually the first song he's dropped since his 2019 debut album Fuzzybrain. I dig it so here's "Close To You" for your…

Solid @ 7 With Emily - 2/12/21

Happy Fresh Friday on RXP! Today my dudes Weathers FINALLY dropped one of my favorite songs of theirs! I cannot even express how excited I am about that.  Shout out to the guys for sending it my way so I…

Solid @ 7 With Emily - 2/10/21

This new one from Tigers Jaw is rad and I dig it.  Here's "Hesitation" for your Solid @ 7 tonight!

Solid @ 7 With Emily - 2/9/21

We just got a new song from Benny Blanco, Marshmello, and Vance Joy and it's a BOP.  Here's their new one "You" for your Solid @ 7 tonight!

Solid @ 7 With Emily - 2/8/21

Last week, one of my favorite albums of all time, A Day To Remember's Homesick, turned 12 years old! That's INSANE. This album will always hold up. In honor of that, here's one of my favorites off that album "The…

Solid @ 7 With Emily - 2/2/21

I've had this song on repeat for the past few days and I'm OBSESSED.  Here's Morgxn "Wonder" for your Solid @ 7 tonight!

Solid @ 7 With Emily - 2/1/21

We just got a rad new song from Dylan Cartlidge! He really does it all.  He's a multi talented singer, rapper, instrumentalist at just 23 years old! I'd like to think I'm doing pretty well at 23 myself, but he's…

Solid @ 7 With Emily - 1/29/21

Happy Fresh Friday! Still not over Pale Waves "Easy" so here it is for my Fresh Friday pick and Solid @ 7 tonight! TWO WEEKS until their new album Who Am I?!!!

Solid @ 7 With Emily - 1/28/21

Kids In America is a new band out of LA and I really dig their sound.  This song is RAD and they just dropped a new music video for it.  Here's "Afterlife" ft. Luna Aura for your Solid @ 7…

Solid @ 7 With Emily - 1/27/21

I'm FREAKING OUT because we got a new A Day To Remember song today! Here's their brand new one "Everything We Need" for your Solid @ 7 tonight! So so excited for their new album You're Welcome dropping March 5th!…


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