RXP’s Picks for Best Albums of 2018

As we near the end of 2018, we wanted to look back and reflect on the great year of new music it was! While it was hard to pick just three, the RXP staff chose to their top 3 favorite albums of 2018:


Elle King- Shake The Spirit
I adore everything about her and this album. I love that she writes her own songs as each one feels like a personal peek into her life and I REALLY love that she plays guitar, drums, bass and lap steel on this album. She has an amazing ability to be both sweet and sassy on her songs.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness- Upside Down Flowers
His songwriting blows me away. His imagery is always so beautiful and on this album, the nostalgia factor is high. I’ve been listening to this album every time I get in the car since I got it in November and not a single song has disappointed me.

Twenty One Pilots- Trench
I honestly wasn’t sure what to think when the first couple of songs were released. I knew that it would be tough to follow up “Blurry Face” as almost EVERY SINGLE SONG on that was a hit. I liked that it sounded like them, but neither “Jumpsuit” or “Nico and the Niners” caught me like previous songs. Then came “Levitate” & “My Blood” and I was hooked. I really do love listening to the album straight through, but find myself repeating, “Smithereens”, “Neon Graves” and “Pet Cheetah” a lot right now.


Rainbow Kitten Surprise- How To: Friend, Love, Freefall
I love everything about this album! By far my most listened to of 2018. Can’t wait to see them at Red Rocks in June!

The Interrupters- Fight The Good Fight
This one feels like it’s been a favorite for 20 years. Awesome throwback 90’s ska!

Twenty One Pilots- Trench
If you don’t buy a cat and name it Jason Statham after listening to this album, you suck!


The 1975- A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships
I was so excited to start their new album and hear “Go down, soft sound….” again. This album is kind of an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish and there’s A LOT going on in this album, but that defines The 1975! They do them! Favorite songs: “Sincerity Is Scary”, “It’s Not Living” and “Be My Mistake”

Max Frost- Gold Rush
We were lucky enough to catch up with Max Frost a few times this year, one of those times being in July when he visited the RXP studios a couple months before his debut album came out. “Good Morning” was a hit, and after the full album came out, I was hooked! Favorite songs: “Money Problems”, “Sometimes” and “New Confessional”. 

The Decemberists- I’ll Be Your Girl
I’m a die hard Decemberists fan. “Severed” was weird to me at first, but just like every new album cycle, they were trying something new. In a few of their past releases, they dabbled in a more country-esque sound, released a rock opera, and now with I’ll Be Your Girl, explored the electronic, 80s synth sound, and they nailed it, again. Favorite songs: “Sucker’s Prayer”, “Your Ghost”, and “I’ll Be Your Girl.”

I also LOVED Trench by Twenty One Pilots and Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life by The Wombats! It’s hard to pick just three from this year!


The Story So Far- Proper Dose
I was a die-hard New Found Glory fan in high school, and as they evolved I kind of stopped listening. Enter The Story So Far. They take their name from the New Found Glory song title, and they’ve killed it over the years. I saw them a couple years ago at the Summit and they blew me away. I was excited when this album came out simply for the NEW MUSIC factor, but front to back it is so good. I’m glad these guys exist.

Twenty One Pilots- Trench
I fell down the rabbit hole of clues and whatnot during the hiatus, and kept asking myself how they would top record-shattering Blurryface, and even had skepticism listening through Trench the first time. As I got to the end of the album, I realized it was a journey…almost like a movie. Sounds crazy, but I feel like you have to listen to it in order every time…maybe repeat a song or two on the way. My favorites: “Chlorine,” “Jumpsuit,” “Nico and the Niners,” “Neon Graves…” I guess the whole album.  

Now, Now- Saved
I know, probably a lesser-known album/band but I waited 6 years for Now, Now to release new music and this new record is so good! I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it is to drive down the road listening to this gem. Definitely the underdog of this year in my eyes. If you like Naked and Famous or CHVRCHES you’ll like this band.

It was so hard for me to narrow it down to three albums, because a lot of great music came out this year. Other notable albums for me: Kurt Vile- Bottle It In,  The Decemberists- I’ll Be Your Girl.