LISTEN: K.Flay Releases New Track “Sister”

K.Flay is back with “Sister,” an infectious tune!

“Even when you’re saying that you hate me/ I know that the feeling isn’t true/ If you killed somebody/ No, I wouldn’t tell nobody on you,” The song boasts what I’ve come to know as a signature K.Flay guitar twang, and catchy beat.

She explained that the song is meant to redefine the idea of sisterhood. “Being a sister isn’t about gender or DNA. It’s about unselfconscious love. About saying I’M HERE, I LOVE YOU, IT’S OK TO BE YOURSELF, and hearing those words echoed back,” she stated in a press release. “Not because you asked for them, but because they’re true. Girls are sisters and boys are sisters. Dads are sisters to their sons. Mothers sisters to their mothers too.”

“Sister” comes from K.Flay’s forthcoming album Solutions, set for release on July 12. Catch The Solutions Tour at The Fillmore on October 12.