Jimmy Eat World announce new album and drop two singles!

Jimmy Eat World announce their tenth studio album Surviving is officially due out on October 18th!  This will be a follow up to their 2016 album Integrity Blues.  The new album is co-produced by Jimmy Eat World themselves along with Justin Meldal-Johnsen, who also helped out on their last one.  Jimmy Eat World kicks off Surviving, the Tour next month! In honor of the announcement, the band put out two new singles “All The Way (Stay)” and “Love Never” that you can listen to below!  You can also see the tracklist below and preorder their new album Surviving here!


Surviving Tracklist:
01. Surviving
02. Criminal Energy
03. Delivery
04. 555
05. One Mil
06. All The Way (Stay)
07. Diamond
08. Love Never
09. Recommit
10. Congratulations