Green Day dropping No Fun Mondays full album!

Back at the beginning of quarantine, Green Day announced they would be doing No Fun Mondays where they release a different cover every week “until we’re let back into the real world”.  I don’t think any of us thought we’d still be in this new abnormal for this long though.  It’s been months of these guys doing No Fun Mondays so they decided to make this into a full album!  No Fun Mondays drops on November 27!  The vinyl is going to be baby blue with a glow in the dark cover.  You can preorder the album here:

Check out the tracklist and their most recent cover of Cage the Elephant’s “Whole Wide World” below!

1. ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’
2. ‘War Stories’
3. ‘Manic Monday’
4. ‘Corpus Christi’
5. ‘That Thing You Do!’
6. ‘Amico’
7. ‘You Can’t Put Your Arms Round A Memory’
8. ‘Kids in America’
9. ‘Not That Way Anymore’
10. ‘That’s Rock’N’Roll’
11. ‘Gimme Some Truth’
12. ‘Whole Wide World’
13. ‘Police On My Back’
14. ‘A New England