Foster The People Talk Collabs with MGMT, Cage The Elephant and More

Foster the People think Drake is on to something when he’s collaborating with so many artists. Mark Foster recently told Billboard, “With someone like Drake, it’s just his name is always on the radio. He’s always got something new coming out, it’s been like that for years — whether it’s his own stuff or whether he’s collaborating and jumping on somebody else’s track, which is something that I think, in the end, [we should] do more often.”

The band says that they have a whole host of bands that they would love to collaborate with in the future, including Portugal. The Man, Cage The Elephant, MGMT and more.

“I would love to do a song with Portugal. The Man, I’d love to do a song with Cage the Elephant. I would love to do a tune with MGMT, I would love to do something with Vampire Weekend or Arctic Monkeys. … It doesn’t have to be all like lone wolf, super competitive, super secretive. We’re lucky to be able to make music and I find it to be really fun to collaborate with people that come from a different background from myself. So that’s something that I think in the future something that I’m really kind of shooting for.”
They’ve already started putting their theory to practice, by teaming up with The Knocks on their new song “Ride Or Die.” Check it out above.