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20210421 235033Top 5 Albums you listen to most

  1. Creation by The Pierces
  2. Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance
  3. The Phantom Tomorrow by Black Veil Brides
  4. Sweetener by Ariana Grande
  5. Chromatica by Lady Gaga

What do you do on your day off?

Always sleep in. After that I like to play video games like Fallout and Animal crossing. I also have a trampoline, and yes, adults can still jump on trampolines!!

What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Halloween is the best holiday! It’s the only day where being witchy doesn’t bother people. Plus, I can geek out and dress up as my favorite Marvel characters!

What are your hobbies

I am an artist on the side. I work with many different mediums like resin, ink, wire and beads. I’ve sold my soul to the craft store devil. I also play a lot of video games! I love the Legend of Zelda, Fallout 4 and Animal Crossing!

What was your first job

My first job was perfect! I was a camera operator and tech director for the Sky Sox (which is now the Rocky Mountain Vibes)! I got to capture the game and talk to my friends via headset all night!

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Too Serious to Have Fun?

One of the most important things I've ever heard in my life is, "never let the kid in your soul die." We get moving so quickly with work and appointments that we forget to stop and have some fun! Check…

Check out Wet Leg’s US Debut!

These ladies are in America now and their debut performance was killer! Check it out below! - Aubrey

Car Repairs? No Problem!

This man was having some car problems and decided to take things into his own hands!

Cool Colorado- Fort Collins

Normally when you go to a zoo, you expect to see animals of all sorts. The Swetsville Zoo offers something different though. There are still animals, but they are sculptures made from various metal parts. I love it when pieces…


Hang out with X1039 all weekend with the most awesome playlist to help you run those errands!

Cool Colorado- San Juan Mountains

Every state has a strange creature that is local to their lands. We've heard of West Virginia's Moth Man or New Jersey's Devil. These creatures actually look creepy and their stories are spooky. I did some digging and it turns…

Cool Colorado- Colorado Springs

I've been seeing a lot of lights up for the holidays and some of these displays are INSANE! I have taken this tour and I want to share it with you and your family! There is this one house called…

Cool Colorado- Geneva Creek

Hop in the time machine with me and let's go back to the wild, wild west! Colorado had many an outlaw, and one gang in particular might've left some treasure behind! The Reynolds Gang is infamous in the treasure hunting…

Cool Colorado- Denver

Most times when you head to Denver International Airport, you're only concerned about your flight and getting on your plane. If you stop to look around, there are some pretty spectacular pieces of artwork at DIA. The most stunning of…

Live Like Kevin McCallister for a Night!

One of the most popular holiday movies is Home Alone. Kevin McCallister got a taste of adulthood when his parents forgot him on a trip to Paris. Have you ever wanted to stay in that house though? Airbnb has put…

Cool Colorado-Hooper

Do you think tiny green men have visited Pikes Peak? They may have! There have been sightings of UFOs in Colorado and there is a place here locally to observe it! Hooper Colorado holds an out of this world location…

Cool Colorado- Estes Park

We all know Estes Park is home to the famous Stanley Hotel, but there is another historic building waiting for your visit! Seven Keys Lodge holds secrets from around the world in their key room. This room features keys from…

This Elk is Such a Gentleman!

I feel like something like this could only happen in Colorado! Most times when we hear our doorbell, we expect the mail man or a neighbor to be at the door. This was NOT the case for an Estes Park…

Cool Colorado- Vampires in Colorado?!

I am always down to hear a local legend and this one is WILD! This local legend comes out of Lafayette Colorado. There is a cemetery in Lafayette with a very interesting headstone. It seems like it's thousands of miles…

Look to the Skies Friday Night!

This Friday (11/19) you'll be able to see a partial eclipse! Look to the skies around 1 AM! I took a photo of our moon a few years ago when it was the "Super Blood Wolf Moon." It will look…

Billie Eilish Must Never Sleep…

Billie Eilish is on FIRE right now. She released her album, created and released her first fragrance AND she just launched her new VEGAN milk chocolate bar! My brother is vegan and he always brings home these nearly 100% cocoa…

Cool Colorado-Pikes Peak

I know what you're thinking...Pikes Peak isn't a hidden secret of Colorado. It can be seen from most places here in Colorado Springs. Totally not hidden, but did you know there have been BIG FOOT sightings on Pikes Peak?! Buckle…

Smell EXACTLY Like Billie Eilish!

After the release of her new album "Happier Than Ever," Billie Eilish has been keeping busy with other adventures. She's created her first ever fragrance! Just in time for the holidays too! The scent is a warm vanilla smell with…

Billie Eilish Visits Sesame Street!

You are never too old to like Sesame Street. Billie Eilish got to stop by and sing a duet with The Count! It was too cute. Had to share! - Aubrey

Cool Colorado-Telluride Colorado

I have been a fan of Zach Vogel Photography for quite some time and he recently posted a photo that BLEW MY MIND! I had no idea that trees like this existed here locally! Take a look at the photo…

Cool Colorado- Museum of Colorado Prisons

One of the coolest museums I've been to is in Cañon City! I love watching shows like Criminal Minds and Homicide Hunter and have always been curious of how prisons work. If you are my twin, this is the COOLEST…

Cool Colorado- Pueblo War Memorial Ghost Tours

I love spooky stuff AND love history! This is the best of both worlds! Check out this awesome local ghost tour in Pueblo Colorado! Click on the photo below and explore COOL Colorado! -Aubrey  

Pikes Peak Vs. NASCAR

You may know NASCAR. Drivers doing laps and coming back to the start/finish line. But unlike NASCAR, there are no laps at Pikes Peak, just a dangerous climb up the side of "America's Mountain" racing toward the clouds.