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  1. Celebrity you have been told you look like?
    Unfortunately, I don’t have those dashing Hollywood good looks… BUT! My mom says I’m a handsome young man. So there’s that.
  2. First concert you ever attended?
    I think it was Paul Revere and The Raiders at a music festival, and I was disappointed to find out that it wasn’t the actual Paul Revere from the Revolutionary War who was doing the singing. Nor was it the then-Oakland Raiders playing the instruments either. Damn.
  3. Song that changed your life…or at least felt like it at the time?
    As an angsty teenager, “The Red” by Chevelle really channeled all my homework-induced rage.
  4. Website you are currently addicted to?
    Good ol’ fashioned Twitter Dot Com. I open the app, scroll for five seconds, close the app, and then re-open it like nothing ever happened… it’s a problem! But I’m working on bringing my screentime down, slowly but surely. Turns out there’s this thing called The Real World, and I’ve been checking it out.
  5. If you could switch jobs for a week, what would you choose?
    One thing about radio is that it’s non-stop and always different, so I’d want to be something boring for a week, just to see what it’s like. Maybe a bank teller – that looks mind-numbing. Or maybe a late-night security guard at a museum, so I could just put my headphones in and let all the bad guys steal the art while I’m rocking out.