Ataris Frontman Kris Roe Involved in Serious Accident

Ataris frontman Kris Roe is lucky to be alive. On Monday night, the singer was innocently involved in a high-speed police chase in Hollywood. A reportedly stolen Dodge Charger sped around a corner, striking the singer’s van head-on during a police pursuit.
The van was sent flying from the left lane of traffic to a parking lane. The impact of the crash sent the dash flying into Roe’s legs, and his dog Gracie out of her seat.  After the crash, the van began to smoke, and Roe was barely able to locate his dog in the wreckage. He was scared she had died when he found her and was able to exit the vehicle through the passenger window, dog in tow. That only began the unreal scene outside. As he and Gracie exited the totaled 10-ton van, Roe realized that he had found himself in an active crime scene surrounded by police with their guns drawn.
“I feel lucky to be alive,” Roe said on Facebook. “I am beyond shaken up.”
Check out the news coverage and of COURSE the full account on Facebook below. The band has also set up a GoFundMe to raise money for a new van so they can continue touring.