Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Release new Song and Announce Tour Dates

If you’re a fan of Something Corporate, then this video will definitely be a throwback for you. The new song titled, “Teenage Rockstars” chronicles Andrew McMahon’s time in his first and very successful band Something Corporate. He says about writing the song:

“I’ve tried to write this song a few times. I’m glad I waited. I don’t think anyone is ever ready for their dreams to come true. I know I wasn’t. All I’ve ever wanted to be was a songwriter. When I finally got the chance, it happened so fast, I didn’t fully appreciate how lucky I was. Looking back on that moment now I’m so grateful to still be sitting behind this piano; to be able to reflect with joy and without judgment on what it meant to be a teenager in a band living out my dreams with my best friends at my side. I know now what I had and what I have. With each new day I get to practice my craft, I try to honor the innocence of that dream with my gratitude. I dedicate this song to every kid out there wondering if it’s okay to dream of being a rockstar. I say “fucking dream.”

Personally, I’ll never forget how in awe I was to be in the front row of a their set at Warped Tour back in the early 2000’s watching Andrew McMahon play the piano with his feet and stomping around like a madman. (I later found out he broke his foot during that set.) Anyway, I’ll always have a love for those teenage rockstars…

See Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness with flor and Grizfolk at The Fillmore on March 9, 2019. Tickets go on sale Thursday October 4.  PRESALE DETAILS HERE

For additional tour dates, click HERE.